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Tasting Notes: Pale pink shimmers brightly in the glass, matched by fresh aromas of rose petals, white cherry, and melon rind. The 2023 Wishlist Rosé, Paso Robles flavors are just as fragrant with notes of watermelon, blood orange, and just-ripe raspberries. Bright and clean with hints of sea spray and lavender, one sip of this whole-cluster, direct-press rosé of Tempranillo and Syrah will leave you wishing for more.

Vintage Notes: 2023 Paso Robles. Dry winter weather and low yields paved the way for early ripening. Moderate temperatures extended the growing season deep into summer with this rosé-dedicated fruit harvested on August 17th ahead of a late-summer heat wave, locking in vibrant aromatics and fresh natural acidity.

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Wishlist Wines is inspired by a conversation with our winemaker, Jeff. I asked what his wishlist of vineyards would be for crafting his dream wines. It occurred to me that everyone has a wishlist—something they want to own, experience, or in my case, the wines I want to make. Wishlist Rosé Paso Robles was conceived at our estate, during the summer of 2019. My wife Michele, our children and close friends were enjoying the pool during a hot, summer afternoon. I wanted to bottle the feeling of family, friendship, and refreshment we felt. To me, it captures the perfect sip of summer in Paso Robles. 

Future Wishlist Wines will bottle our most precious moments, we look forward to sharing them with you.